Feeling like you need clarity, direction or focus? Have you forgotten the dreams and aspirations?  Feel like you could use an accountability partner to help support and motivate? 


My mission, at JOYful Coaching is to help women find focus, fun and forgotten dreams by listening, being supportive, keeping it real, with honesty, sincerity and originality, all with an Aussie accent. 

Discovery Session

All over the world, countless clients are benefiting from this and other services. It’s time to transform your life. JOYful Coaching LLC is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed. Fill out your information below to learn more.

Contact us to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30 min, introductory session to see if JOYful Coaching LLC is the direction you want to take.

In this short session, we'll look at where you are in life and where you want to be. We'll get to know each other and make plans for where to go next.

As women, we often put ourselves and our dreams on the backburner while taking care of everyone around us. Sometimes we need extra support to get where we want to go and do what we want to do. We'll talk about those forgotten dreams and see how I can potentially support you in all of that. 

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Jane (Brisbane, Australia)

A presentation by Wendy will delight, inspire, and give you the gift of laughter. Wendy sees the humour in day to day life.  Spend time with Wendy and you will see your world differently.

Marylin Atkinson (Hyrum, Utah)

Wendy's sharp wit and down-to-earth humor will lift and inspire, cause you stop and reflect on the truths she speaks, and then send you joyfully on your way, much richer for the experience.

Lynette King (Brisbane, Australia)

Wendy Cohen teaching or speaking is an event not to be missed. I love the way she teaches, she is able to talk in a way that motivates and uplifts.

Julie Hadlock (Bountiful, Utah)

Laugh-out-loud good times!

Stacie Stone (Bountiful, Utah)

True wit and wisdom delivered with an Aussie accent - what could be better than that?! Listen, laugh, and learn - this amazing lady will change your life!

Juleen Bell (Bountiful, Utah)

Wis is 'just what the doctor ordered'. She reminds me of an LDS 'Erma Bombeck'. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can make you laugh one minute and cry the next. She is very knowledgeable about the gospel and has an uncanny ability to tie everyday life into gospel principles. I smile every time I thing of Wendy and am blessed to have her in my life.

Kirsten Faloon (Limeric, Ireland)

Wendy is resourceful, she is sensitive, she is direct and will always give her honest opinion. I have left Wendy's company knowing at least three things:
1. I can do it
2. I am happy again
3. I am blessed
.....and remember to laugh.

Deonne Bailey

Wendy is the "silver lining' to every dark rain cloud. She will support you through anything with humour and sensitivity. If Wendy is on your team, you cannot fail.


Wendy's first experience as a speaker was in front of her church congregation at the age of 9, but her love for public speaking and changing lives came when asked to speak at a women's conference some 30 years later. 


"When I'm in front of a group of women who may have had an emotionally exhausting day, and I can lighten their load with laughter and encouragement, then I am both humbled and my own load is lightened."


To inquire about Wendy coming to speak to your group or present via Zoom or other video applications, email